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H2 Respire 氫氣呼吸機

H2 Respire 氫氣呼吸機

10 800,00HK$Prix

H2 Respire 150 多用途純氫呼吸機!


最近,一項關於吸入 H2 治療 COVID-19 肺炎療效的臨床研究結果。在這項研究中,研究人員使用氫氣發生器作為氫氣的來源。 H2 吸入已成為氫氣攝入對健康有益的主要部分。


最近的許多研究已經證明,吸入分子氫是一種將氫吸收到體內的更快方法,這是多麼驚人。 a 各種疾病的預防和治療醫用氣體,包括哮喘和許多器官慢性疾病。


氫氣的治療流速為 150毫升/分鐘純氫氣流


The H2 Respire 150 Multi-Purpose Pure Hydrogen Inhaler!

Many recent studies have proven how amazing inhaling molecular hydrogen could be a faster way to absorb hydrogen into the body; a Preventive and Therapeutic medical gas for various diseases, including Asthma and many organ chronic diseases. 


Recently, the results of a clinical study on the therapeutic effect of H2 inhalation in COVID-19 pneumonia. In this study, the researchers used an H2 gas generator as the source of Hydrogen. H2 Inhalation has become a major part of hydrogen intake for health benefits. 


  • 規格 Specifications

    • 水箱容積:550 毫升 - 更多水更好冷卻 新一代 PEM

    • 發生器 - 提供穩定的 150 毫升/分鐘純氫氣流!

    • 運行時間設置 1 小時、2 小時和 3 小時 - 長時間不降低 H2 流速或過熱!

    • 加強型車身結構(耐壓高達 6 kg/cm2) 產生氫氣純度:99.9%

    • 傾斜、低水位、水質智能檢測功能

    • 自清潔維護模式 多機功能:吸氫;制氫

    • Water Tank Volume: 550 ml - More Water better Cooling
    • New Generation PEM Generator - Providing Stable 150 ml/min of Pure Hydrogen Flow!
    • Operating Time setting 1 hr, 2 hrs, & 3 hrs - long hours without dropping H2 Flow rate nor overheating! 
    • Reinforced Body Construction (Pressure Resistance up to 6 kg/cm2)
    • Generating Hydrogen Purity: 99.9% 
    • Tilt, Low Water, & Water Quality Smart Detection Function
    • Self Cleaning Maintenance Mode 
    • Multiple Machine Function: Hydrogen Inhalation; Making Hydrogen Water; Hydrogen Facial Wash; Hydrogen Foot Spa.
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