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Chanson Ionizer prefilter 電解水機濾芯 P8000

Chanson Ionizer prefilter 電解水機濾芯 P8000




P8000 複合式中空絲膜濾芯,而是由活性炭和合成纖維製成的濕模壓過濾產品。




  • 濾芯材質:0.01微米中空絲膜
  • 過濾功能:有效濾除水中99.99%細菌、重金屬、餘氯及有機揮發物等,同時以銀添活性碳加強抑菌效果、KDF軟化水質減少水垢,使過濾水質更安心順口
  • 更換時間:約12個月(依各地區水質不同調整)c



  • 從無紡布纖維活性炭升級為催化活性炭,它具有舊版 PJ6000 的所有優點,而且您還可以減少氯胺。
  • 去除舊管道中的鉛和重金屬離子
  • 吸附量是活性炭的20倍
  • 吸收速度是活性炭的 10 倍
  • 大大減少氯
  • 允許低壓降
  • 是一種帶有浸銀活性炭的抗菌過濾器
  • 有活性炭椰殼



注意:此過濾器 P8000 不能用於帶有 PJ6000 替換過濾器的型號。如果您想使用新過濾器升級您的設備,請將過濾器的圖片發送給我們,我們將提供僅針對特定型號的報價。



(Price not inclusive installation)


The P8000 Filter is the newest internal filter for Chanson water ionizers. It's a Catalytic Activated Carbon filter great for chlorine, chloramines and more! 

Fits all LATEST Chanson + models from summer 2019 onwards.

Models include Miracle, Max, VS-70, Revolution and Royale.




  • Upgraded from unwoven fiber activated carbon to Catalytic activated carbon, it has all the advantages of the older PJ6000 plus you get Chloramine reduction.
  • Removes lead and heavy metal ions from old plumbing.
  • Absorbs 20 times more than activated carbon
  • Absorbs at 10 times the speed of activated carbon
  • Greatly reduces chlorine
  • Allows for a low pressure drop
  •  Is an Anti-bacterial filter with silver-impregnated activated carbon
  • Has an activated carbon coconut shell


NOTE: This filter P8000 cannot be used on models with PJ6000 replacement filter. If you would like to upgraded your device using new filter, please send us a picture of the filter and we shall provide a quotation to do so subject to specific models only.

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