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Chanson Shower Filter

Chanson Shower Filter


大多數市政水區都會在自來水中添加氯或氯胺(氯 + 氨)進行消毒,但不幸的是,副產品會對我們的健康產生影響。

Most municipal water districts add chlorine or chloramines (chlorine + ammonia) to tap water to disinfect, but unfortunately the byproducts can do a number on our health.


根據美國環境保護署 (EPA) 的說法,“短時間吸入少量氯會對人體呼吸系統產生不利影響。影響範圍從咳嗽和胸痛到肺部水瀦留。氯會刺激皮膚、眼睛、和呼吸系統。”


Chanson Spa 淋浴過濾器為日常接觸氯和氯胺相關的問題提供了持久的解決方案。沒有它,十分鐘的淋浴會吸收與喝八 8 盎司相同量的氯。一杯同樣的水!


我們的 Chanson Spa 淋浴過濾器使用最優質的氯和氯胺還原材料亞硫酸鈣,該材料已被證明比一些競爭對手因成本而使用的活性炭和 KDF 更有效。 Chanson Spa 淋浴過濾器經過專門設計,可去除淋浴水中至少 95% 的有害氯和氯胺。它是唯一一款除處理氯和氯胺外,還能軟化水並賦予水活力的淋浴過濾器。




- 100% 環保安全和天然

- 多彩而美麗的設計——從白色或粉紅色

- 可輕鬆連接到任何淋浴設備

- 過濾器壽命為 15,000-20,000 升(約 12-18 個月)



According to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), "Breathing small amounts of chlorine for short periods of time adversely affects the human respiratory system. Effects range from coughing and chest pain to water retention in the lungs. Chlorine irritates the skin, the eyes, and the respiratory system."


The Chanson Spa Shower Filter provides a long-lasting solution to the problems associated with daily exposure to chlorine and chloramines. Without it, a ten minute shower results in absorption of the same amount of chlorine as if you were to drink eight 8 oz. glasses of the same water!


Our Chanson Spa Shower Filter uses the highest quality chlorine and chloramine reduction material calcium sulfite which has been proven more effective than active carbon and KDF which some competitors use due to cost. The Chanson Spa Shower Filter is specially engineered to address at least 95% of harmful chlorine and chloramines from your shower water. It is the only shower filter that softens and energizes the water in addition to addressing chlorine and chloramines.


Benefits of the Chanson Spa Shower Filter include:
- Healthier, younger-looking skin
- Softer, more manageable hair
- Relief from dry skin and scalp
- Less fading on color-treated hair- Improved lather of soaps and shampoos


Other features:
- 100% environmentally safe and natural
- Colorful and beautiful design – choose from white or pink
- Attaches easily to any shower fixture
- Filter life of 15,000-20,000 liters (approximately 12-18 months)
- Affordable and low in maintenance cost
- Easy to install and to change refill cartridge

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  • Features

    Swirling Anion Deflector - 


    The innovative deflector generates negative ions by swirling in the water. In nature, water close to waterfalls is full of negative ions. The impact between the water molecules and the rocky environment allows the water to absorb a negative electrostatic charge. When the human body absorbs these energizing ions, great health improvements are often seen, including cleansing of the blood, enhancement of the immune system, improved sleep quality, and overall reduced stress and fatigue on your body.


    Ceramic FIR Ball Filtration - 


    The Chanson shower filter contains highly specialized ceramic balls with FIR that reduces the water's surface tension. This allows for an increase in lathering of soap and shampoos. The ceramic FIR filtration gives the water a lighter, softer feel. It improves wetness and makes coarse, dry hair soft and silky.

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