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Chanson Ionizer prefilter 電解水機濾芯 PJ6000

Chanson Ionizer prefilter 電解水機濾芯 PJ6000




PJ-6000 過濾器不是碳塊,而是由活性炭和合成纖維製成的濕模壓過濾產品。

- 去除舊管道中的鉛和重金屬離子

- 吸收比活性炭多 20 倍的氯

- 吸收速度/效率是活性炭的 10 倍

- 大大減少氯

- 允許低壓降

- 是一種含銀活性炭的抗菌過濾器

- 有一個活性炭椰子殼


(Price not inclusive installation)


The PJ-6000 Filter is not a carbon block but a wet-molded, filtration product made from activated carbon and synthetic fiber.

- Removes lead and heavy metal ions from old plumbing.
- Absorbs 20 times more chlorine than activated carbon
- Absorbs at 10 times the speed/efficiency of activated carbon
- Greatly reduces chlorine
- Allows for a low pressure drop
- Is an Anti-bacterial filter with silver-impregnated activated carbon
- Has an activated carbon coconut shell

  • 規格 Specifications

    • 适合 Chanson 型号 - VS-70、Miracle、PL 735、Eden、Violet 

    • 过滤器寿命:20,000 升(528 加仑)

    • 寿命为 9 至 12 个月 含银活性炭过滤器



    • Fits Chanson Models - VS-70, Miracle, PL 735,  Eden, Violet
    • Filter Life: 20,000 liters (528 gallons) (Dependant on source water
    • Average Water - Approx. Life is 9 to 12 months
    • Filter with silver-impregnated activated carbon
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